Exhausted and tired all the time? Homeopathy can help.

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Exhausted all the time?  Try Homeopathy.


“I am exhausted andalone-62253_1280 have no energy.  It is hard for me to wake up and I no longer want to get out of bed.  All I want to do is go to sleep”.


Life is so busy.  Are you tired a lot and feel like you are unrefreshed when you wake up in the morning?  Homeopathy can help.





Peter came to me exhausted.  He had just opened his new business and had been working hard the last 6 months.  He was stressed and feeling angry all the time.  He said “I often feel mad at the world.  So many things set me off.  I get road rage.  My life is so busy with work and a family there is no spare time”.

He mentioned that his mind is often blank, sometimes he is disorientated and walks around in circles.  He feels sluggish and feels that his brain is foggy, he can’t concentrate very well and does not have the clarity of thought that he used to have.

Physically he feels congested.  His sinus’s are blocked and he feels stuffed up.  His legs feel weak, tired and heavy.

His medical Doctor advised him to lower his stress levels but did not offer any other help.  Homeopathic remedies are chosen based on the individuals unique symptoms and work on the emotional state as well as the physical.  In this situation the homeopathic Picric Acid.  This remedy works wonderfully when symptoms are caused by mental exertion.  Weak, tired, heavy mind and body are it’s keynotes.  Pic Ac is perhaps the greatest remedy for all for brain fag.

After taking Pic Ac 30ch twice a day for a week Peter gradually regained his strength.  He felt optimistic and more like his old self.  He said “ my mind is much clearer and I do not have problems first thing in the mornings – it is busy at work but I am coping okay”.

I saw Peter a couple of months ago and he has not had a repeat of his symptoms and is feeling stronger than ever.  He now displays my business card at his store and refers people to me.

If you are feeling exhausted and stressed out Homeopathy can help.

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