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Meet Jude Corfield RSHom (NA)

With her training as a classical homeopath and a dream of owning her own practice, Jude Corfield immigrated to Canada from the UK in 1993. She found the demand for alternative healing practices was strong and in 1999, she opened the Shuswap Homeopathy Clinic in Salmon Arm.

Jude's services were relatively unique in this rural community and the business grew quickly. 16 years down the road, she is as passionate about her business as she was at the start, inspired by her patients themselves. Personalized, one-on-one care is the foundation of Jude's reputation and a big reason for her repeat business. "I make my patients feel listened to and cared for and I help them to make the changes they need for healthier living" she says.

Detailed patient records are logged in a database which Jude uses to track both the course of treatment for patients and their progress and general trends that can be used in future marketing. "I noticed that in the last four years, for example, many of the patients were losing weight in the course of being treated for other issues, all aimed at a healthier lifestyle," Jude says, "so the potential for weight loss is an additional benefit we can include in our marketing."

Jude also serves as a supervisor for the Vancouver Homeopathic Academy and teaches fourth-year students how to set up successful practice. Constantly upgrading her training is important to Jude and she makes time for professional development, even though time away from the office means less income. "You have to 'walk the talk'. In any kind of caring profession you have to be strong and healthy both mentally and physically so that you can continue to give to your patients," she says.

With the recent move to a larger office space which she shares with another alternative practitioner, Jude hopes to be able to give back to the community more. "My father used to say that one's ultimate goal should be to help as many people as possible," Jude says. "I am passionate about my work and honoured to be able to help people on their path to wellness."

(taken from 'New Pioneers - Stories of 100 BC Women Entrepeneurs')

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